Top Graphic Designers in the United Arab Emirates

UI/UX illustration, icon design, and poster design are all important elements of visual communication that can help to convey a message or brand in a clear and effective way. Our team has developed a variety of projects in these areas, including:

-Jump in the Pool poster series: a collection of posters that expand upon the “Jump in the Pool” theme, with a variety of designs that all tie into the concept of swimming.
-Colour Consult Xmas card: a holiday greeting card designed for a company or brand, featuring custom illustrations or icons and a personalized message.
-Biohackathlon 2020: promotional materials for a hackathon event focused on the field of bioengineering, including posters, icons, and other visual elements to help create a cohesive and engaging brand.
we have also developed merchandise such as t-shirts and posters for this event.

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