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Our company has developed the ‘My customer’ game for Air France, a game designed specifically for users of the airline company. The goal of ‘My customer’ is to offer an engaging and interactive experience that helps to improve the overall customer experience of Air France. Through this game, users can learn more about the inner workings of the company, including its policies and procedures, which can help to improve customer satisfaction. In addition to providing entertainment and education for users, ‘My Customer’ also has a number of other benefits for Air France. For example, the game can help to gather valuable feedback and insights from customers, which the company can then use to improve its products and services. By engaging with users through this game, Air France can also build stronger relationships with its customers, which can help to foster loyalty and increase the likelihood that they will choose to fly with the airline again in the future. Overall, ‘My Customer’ is a valuable tool for both Air France and its users, offering an entertaining and educational experience that helps to improve the customer experience and increase the professionalism of the company.

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