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Time Capsule walk-through: Time travel through Mohenjo Daro to 24th century to find human history in VR.

The present is the 24th century and things are polar to what it was a few years back, unlike 21st-century humans can no longer live freely, Artificial Intelligence has taken over the world. AI now summons human and tends to save them to work for them but if someone opposes, faces brutal repression. There’s a scientist who tasted this medicine and lost his child, for the righteous vengeance he oaths to make things right. He travels back in the timeline to find out the reason behind this outbreak and finish it all up before it’s birth. Become this sheriff scientist and travel back in time to unsolve the mysteries and discover the untold truth(s) about the past in this journey of Time Capsule.

Categories : AR / VR / 360