To achieve your company goals and effectively communicate with your target consumers, you need to come up with a unique approach. You need to think of methods that go beyond the standard video or PowerPoint presentation. It’s time to consider gamifying your relationships with stakeholders and personnel if you’d like to draw out the competitive and sporty spirit from the inside.

FYW has a deep understanding of the gaming industry and a clear idea of what players want, so it can add a gaming element to a product from any business area and make it as effective as possible.


Why is gamification crucial?

  • Engagement: – “gamification” is one of those buzzwords that everyone uses, no matter what field they work in. It aids in the development of ultra-involvement projects.
  • Resolved Complex business challenges: – Consumer feedback helps businesses tackle complex issues. In order to strengthen your organization, find its weak places.
  • Loyalty: – When it comes to retaining users, any game development studio would benefit from integrating Google Analytics into a gamified app since it would reveal which features and functions were most important to keep players engaged.
  • Raise Productivity:– Improve output by incentivizing employees to complete tasks in the sequence you specify by making your system more like a game based on the functions inside your business module.
  • Positive ROI Impact: – Incorporating elements of game design into business processes has been shown to have a positive effect on return on investment (ROI) through changing employee behaviour and boosting organizational performance.
  • Fun: – Gamification increases engagement, but it’s difficult to quantify. The best way to get people’s attention is with a simple, entertaining idea.

At FYW, we offer the best services and solutions for gamification, such as:

  • The intricate process of making applications with gamification elements: – From conducting a thorough analysis of the company to conceptualizing post-support of the completed app and introducing scheduled upgrades, we will develop your gamified app from the ground up.
  • Documentation creation for game design: – As part of our gamification offerings, we will work with you to draft up a comprehensive game design documentation for your product. The whole gamification plan, including all the required actions, resources, and timeline estimates, will be provided.
  • Alterations to the app’s aesthetic through the development of its UI and animation components: – If you already have the data from your gamification project, we can fill in the gaps by creating or sourcing the necessary visual assets, animations, user interfaces, etc., and adapting them to the approved style.
  • QA Testing: – When it comes to quality assurance, our FYW team of professionals is ready to check every little detail of your gamified product before you release it to the public. Bugs will be discovered, important mechanisms will be tested for efficiency, and improvements will be suggested.

Benefits of engaging in gamification with us

  • Whether you’re located in Bangkok or halfway around the world, you can rely on our extensive background and cutting-edge technology to inspire your staff, partners, and consumers to take action.
  • Our staff has the experience and knowledge to create and implement successful gamification strategies for your company, based on hundreds of deployments across many industries.
  • After the development of a gamified product is complete, we keep an eye on how well it’s doing in meeting its objectives by implementing seasonal upgrades, new features, and other methods that have been agreed upon in advance.

How much does the Gamification cost?

The final price tag might be more or lower depending on the specifics of your project and its anticipated level of complexity. If you’re interested in working with FYW, please contact us so that we can learn more about your needs and provide a quote. There are no hidden costs.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are devoted to giving you state-of-the-art, original answers by maintaining the highest standards of structural excellence to meet the needs, objectives, and budgetary constraints of your business.
  • We provide individualized service, are available at all hours and talk to customers face-to-face via various messaging programs.
  • Whether you are in Bangkok or another time zone entirely, we will ensure that you are always up to date. Without compromising quality, we can do the job promptly.

When we design a solution, it will be specific to your company’s needs. We get a sense of the client’s ultimate objectives. The FYW Gamification Service gives you cutting-edge tools for developing and implementing successful gamification initiatives for your company.



Gamification is a technique that designers use to insert gameplay elements in non-gaming settings, so they enhance user engagement with a product or service. By weaving suitably fun features such as leaderboards and badges into an existing system, designers tap users’ intrinsic motivations so they enjoy using it more.

Many L&D professionals find two types of gamification particularly successful: performance gamification and content gamification. That’s because these forms of gamification can take a relatively low lift to implement while leading to a better quality of learning and improved performance.

There are 2 key approaches to delivering gamification recognized in the industry – structural and content-based.


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