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Want to localize your brand? Voice-over can help you adapt your message for international audiences. Captivate your worldwide audience to boost sales and income.

Stop looking! FYW is a tech-enabled platform that, through its extensive network of talented voice actors, provides high-quality, fast, and affordable voice-over recording services. To that end, we make every effort to ensure that the voice-over recordings we send out are of the greatest quality.

At FYW, we offer the best Voice-over services:

  • Podcasts Voice-over:– When it comes to podcasts of all kinds, FYW is the go-to voice-over agency. All of our voice performers are really creative people who know how to keep the podcast fresh and engaging. Your podcast’s opening and closing sequences will sound natural, engaging, and unique with the help of our professional voice actors.
  • E-Learning Voice-over:– We offer voice-over services for a wide range of corporate and educational videos, such as explainer and training videos, HR and lecture videos, and learning modules.
  • Animations & TVC Voice-over: – We provide professional voice-overs for a wide variety of media, including animated characters, how-to videos, and more. We provide professional dubbing services for films, TV shows, and commercials, and are recognized as a leading voiceover and audio studio.
  • Marketing & Advertising Voice-over:– To guarantee that the voice we provide your brand is engaging and effective, we only work with the most talented voice actors in the business. Through multilingual translation services, we help you reach the widest possible audience with your brand’s message.
  • Gaming Voice-over: – FYW is a leading voice-over business for video games. Video game voice actors are able to give professional-quality voiceovers for characters, narration voices, and performances.
  • Medical Voice-over:– All of the voice actors we work with have extensive knowledge in the medical area and are experts in their respective fields. We have voice actors who are well-versed in a range of narrating techniques appropriate for medical content.
  • Legal Voice-over: – As native speakers, our voice actors record 100% legal narrations in a wide variety of languages for use in films, presentations, and other media.

Why are our services Different from Others?

  • We are always delving deeper into problems and expanding our knowledge since we know it is the only way to go forward. We use evidence and statistics to inform our judgments and strive to eliminate mistakes.
  • Voice-overs for advertising are prospering, whether for fun, saving lives, or educating. We offer voice-over services so your video can express the correct tone and emotions.
  • Our voice-over would be clear, passionate, brief, and important to the narrative, whether a narrator presenting a story, addressing the listener, or encouraging a specific group to a cause.
  • We don’t compromise on quality to meet unrealistic deadlines, and we always aim to exceed expectations in terms of output.

How much does the Voice-over cost?

The methods used to determine costs for various projects range widely. Costs associated with a brief voice-over may be lower than Scripted speech used in an advertising project. Invoices for voice-over work are highly variable and specific to each production. If you’re interested in working with FYW, please contact us so that we can learn more about your needs and provide a quote. There are no hidden costs.

How soon will Voice-over be ready?

In this case, the turnaround time will be determined by the length of the script. We also typically complete all jobs in the shortest amount of time possible while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are malleable; we change with the times and places around us, and we strive to have an open mind as we go.
  • We anticipate issues and take measures to fix them immediately. We take action and push through difficulty.
  • We keep in touch with them as often as they need us to, provide their services at the top of our list, and put their requirements first at all times.

FYW’s affordable voice-over services are utilized by professionals from radio and television networks, advertising agencies, and leading corporations all over the world. As such, you may include us in the list of reputable and trustworthy brands that guarantee a high-quality voice-over for any of your presentations.


Voice-over is a production technique where an off-camera actor or person records dialogue for use in a film, TV show, documentary, announcement, or commercial during the post-production process. Productions use voice-over narration to provide additional context to the visuals or as a form of guided narration.

We tend to associate voice over with having a really great voice. And, while that can help, it’s not necessary. In fact, with practice, nearly anyone can do professional-quality voice over work.

  1. Work on your craft. There are two types of voice acting training, both of which can level up your skills: taking acting classes and hiring a voice coach.
  2. Define your voice.
  3. Record a demo reel.
  4. Audition consistently.
  5. Practice every day.
  6. Network in your industry.


After deciding to pursue my dream as a voiceover, I had the pleasure to be trained by the Voice of Dubai, FYW who has allowed me to discover my hidden talent.

Martin Bulku, Twitter

Training sessions were designed personally to meet my voice requirements and abilities. I feel rejuvenated by this wonderful experience!

Justin Norvell, Michael

I’ve worked with FYW on numerous projects over the past several years and it has always been an easy and stress-free process. They’ve done onsite photography, video creation, video editing, voice-overs, etc.

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