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Mobile App developed with Flutter | Vetsie

TBR Group has assisted a Canadian start up in building a mobile and web application for Veterinary SaaS Solution. The idea occurred to develop an application to diagnose a pet’s illness or disease online. The application is intended for people owning pets like cats, dogs and other domestic animals. It helps them find specialists who can advise them in case their pets have health problems. The application provides all the required information about the veterinarian who will advise and give a consultation. Communication is arranged via a chat or video & audio call. The user can see the history of correspondence, pay and buy consultations from the veterinarian.

We used Flutter for cross-platform mobile and web dashboard development. Flutter is an open source software – the SDK uses a C++ rendering engine and is based on the Dart programming language. It also provides widgets out of the box, and its architecture is based on reactive programming, which means that web and mobile apps built with Flutter are extremely responsive and provide high performance to the user.

Key Features
– Video&Audio calls (Agora RTC, RTM, Agora web library);
– Chat (file uploading, unread messages, voice messages);
– Book consultation;
– Google map integration;
– Charts;
– Reviews;
– PDF reports;
– Push notifications;
– Stripe payment integration;
– Facebook events;

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